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Last Comments

2024-06-21 14:50:11
This poem juxtaposes the struggles of a just man against a backdrop of natural and moral conflict. Rintrah's roar and the burdened air introduce tension, while the just man navigates a perilous path, symbolizing moral integrity amidst adversity. The transformation of barren lands into fertile grounds and the emergence of life from death highlight themes of renewal and resilience.
2024-05-31 19:03:51
The poet challenges the idea that the red men have been forgotten, pointing out how their names and memories are woven into the very fabric of the land, from the rivers to the mountains.
2024-05-31 19:03:44
The poem also questions the treatment of the indigenous peoples, highlighting the injustice and betrayal they have faced. The imagery of the caravan of woe and the soul's cry for justice evoke a sense of empathy and reflection on the consequences of past actions. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of honoring and preserving the history and contributions of Native American peoples.
2024-05-31 18:17:33
The speaker questions their own existence and contemplates their own essence beyond just being a physical body. Overall, this poem delves into themes of identity, societal pressure, and the search for deeper meaning in a world that can often feel shallow and suffocating. The imagery used effectively conveys the emotions of the speaker and adds depth to the exploration of these complex ideas.
2024-05-31 18:04:18
The imagery of bulldozing their prisons into fields of corn symbolizes the disregard for their existence and the cycles of destruction and transformation. The concluding lines suggest a sense of retribution and justice, as the hands emerging from the earth evoke a haunting reminder of the lives that were lost and the potential consequences of our actions. Overall, the poem conveys a powerful message about the consequences of oppression and violence.
2024-02-17 18:13:53
This poem is a cry of the soul, full of longing and desire to see the loved one again. It reflects the deep pain and suffering experienced by the author after the loss of a close person. The poem is filled with emotions and hope that it is possible to see the loved one for just one short hour, to find out where they are and how they are feeling. The poem is an expression of deep love and longing felt by the author.
2024-02-15 20:30:26
Overall, this poem compels us to reflect on the consequences of our actions, emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding in a world that often perpetuates injustice. It serves as a powerful reminder that our choices have the power to shape our own fate.
2024-02-15 20:28:48
The opening lines reflect the harsh truth of how individuals seeking a place to call home are often met with imprisonment instead. It highlights the inherent injustice and cruelty that exists within certain systems. Moreover, the act of killing those who desire eternal life serves as a metaphorical representation of society denying people their dreams and aspirations.
2024-02-15 18:04:09
The final lines convey the paradoxical nature of time, as the speaker feels that the journey with Death has been shorter than the day they first realized the horses were heading toward eternity. The poem is filled with a sense of resignation and acceptance, as the speaker contemplates the inevitability of death and the passage of time.
2024-02-15 17:39:44
The speaker addresses their critics and detractors, defying them to break them down with their words and actions. They assert their strength and pride, refusing to be bowed by the negativity directed at them. The poem also has a strong sense of historical context, as the speaker references their African ancestry and the legacy of slavery. The repeated refrain "I rise" serves as a powerful affirmation of their determination to overcome adversity and rise above the pain and suffering of the past.

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