Joshua McCarter Simpson

Joshua McCarter Simpson
“No, Master, Never!”
Or the true feelings of those slaves who say they
would not be free. The following shows their
feelings when they are free.

Air—“Pop Goes the Weasel”

Old master always said,
Jack will never leave me:
He has a noble head,
He will not deceive me.
I will treat him every day
Kindly and clever,
Then he will not run away—
No, master, never!

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Away to Canada
Adapted to the case of Mr. S.,
Fugitive from Tennessee.

I’m on my way to Canada,
That cold and dreary land;
The dire effects of slavery,
I can no longer stand.
My soul is vexed within me so,
To think that I’m a slave;
I’ve now resolved to strike the blow
For freedom or the grave.

O righteous Father,
Wilt thou not pity me?
And aid me on to Canada,
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